i’m afraid

i nvr had this feeling bfore..
damn.. it’s killing me.
i get nervous when hear his footsteps
jumped when he called me
stunned when we talk n meet each other eyes
heart jumped out when he talks my name
heart ached when he get close to someone, a girl
feels furious when he laught with her while i can’t communicate with him normally
what the.. this just not ‘me’
i’m really can’t control it
tht make me think tht’s so called love, which i nvr experience bfore
but i really really afraid if tht’s real.
i afraid to fall in love
i afraid to be declined
i afraid to be ignored
i afraid to be hated
i afraid to hurt
i afraid to have this feeling
please. help me get out frm these..
i’m really afraid

  1. it’s scary, but you only live once

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