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Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson met another year of summer soltice, with his new friend, Tyson
with Annabeth they rushed back to camp halfblood only to find out the camp’s magic boundaries was no longer protecting the camp.
the thalia’s tree was dying bcause been poisoned..
monsters kept charging after them, without the tree’s magic, they were helpless, the camp was terrible.
there it was, when everything calm down, they began to realize, tyson being claimed by Poseidon n joined with his half brother, Percy
soon they start to bring out a quest to rescue the tree
they got an idea to find golden fleece, that could save the tree
Clarisse chosen to lead the quest, and didn’t choose Percy bcause they r enemy
Percy was so wanted to join the quest bcause he had a dream abt Grover, he told him bcause they had telepathy lined tht he was in danger
he caught by a cyclops when searching for Pan
he got here bcause he felt wildness at there.. thought tht might be Pan, he went there
found out there was a cyclops, using golden fleece to make his land green n wild
in order to save Grover, Percy sneak out with Annabeth n Tyson
they got help from his father, Poseidon with the hippocampi tht rode them to the sea of monsters

Percy Jackson and The Olympian series

_Demigods, Campers, Friends, Pets__
Percy Jackson – son of Poseidon
Annabeth – daughter of Athena
Grover – satyr
Tyson – son of Poseidon
Thalia – daughter of Zeus
Luke – son of Hermes
Clarisse – daughter of Ares
Beckendorf – son of Hephaestus
Silena – daughter of Aphrodite
Zoë – daughter of Atlas
Nico – son of Hades
Bianca – daughter of Hades
Ethan – son of Nemesis
Michael – son of Apollo
Chiron – son of Kronos
Daedalus – son of Athena
Mrs. O’Leary – hellhounds, daedalus & percy’s pet
Blackjack – percy’s pegasus
Juniper – naiads
Calypso – daughter of Atlas
Rachel – mortal
Paul Blofis – mortal
May Castellan – Luke’s mom

__The Gods__
Zeus – god of sky
Poseidon – god of sea
Hades – god of the underworld
Hera – god of marriage (family)
Athena – god of wisdom
Ares – god of war
Aphrodite – god of love
Hermes – god of messenger, thief
Dionysus – god of wine
Artemis – god of hunting
Apollo – god of sun
Hephaestus – god of blacksmith
Hestia – god of hearth
Nemesis – god of balance
Pan – god of the wild


__The Titan__
Princess Andromeda – ship that used by the titan’s force

this feeling finally killing me slowly..
please, help me.. im so afraid..

i’m afraid

i nvr had this feeling bfore..
damn.. it’s killing me.
i get nervous when hear his footsteps
jumped when he called me
stunned when we talk n meet each other eyes
heart jumped out when he talks my name
heart ached when he get close to someone, a girl
feels furious when he laught with her while i can’t communicate with him normally
what the.. this just not ‘me’
i’m really can’t control it
tht make me think tht’s so called love, which i nvr experience bfore
but i really really afraid if tht’s real.
i afraid to fall in love
i afraid to be declined
i afraid to be ignored
i afraid to be hated
i afraid to hurt
i afraid to have this feeling
please. help me get out frm these..
i’m really afraid


saengilchukkahamnida~ saengilchukkahamnida~ saengilchukkahamnida~ saengilchukkahamnida~
(pathetic though.. ahahha.. lol)
my birthday today.. 17th!
hahha.. happy mood
hope everything goes well.. XD
okay, hv some prob here, but tday is a happy day, so i will skip it, write it next time go hre.. maybe tomorrow?
lalalalalalalal.. turn off light and laptop now..
GO TO BED!! hiahhahahha